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IBM Emptoris Contract Management-Managing a Contract (V10.0.1)


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This course is designed for Contract Creators.


  • 6D47G - Introduction to IBM Emptoris Contract Management
  • 6D112G - IBM Emptoris Contract Management: Contract Lifecycle Overview
  • 6D113G - IBM Emptoris Contract Management: Create a Contract
  • 6D114G - IBM Emptoris Contract Management: Modify the Contract Language
  • 6D115G - IBM Emptoris Contract Management: Security Model
  • 6D116G - IBM Emptoris Contract Management: Collaboration: Review and Approval
  • 6D117G - IBM Emptoris Contract Management: Collaboration: Present and Execute

Descripción del Producto

This course covers the variety of ways you can manage your contract before and after it is Executed.  How to search the Contract Repository is also covered.

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